Monday, August 3, 2009

Love Aaj Kal aur Hamesha !!!

One of the movies that was eagerly expected for in this season, finally made its way to the screens, and the proud producer will have all the reasons to laugh his way to the bank, cause Love aaj Kal has indeed met with glorious reception from the audiences. Imtiaz Ali has now taken a position where in his reputation precedes him, a credibility, very few directors possess in our industry of cinema. The movie had all the necessary ingredients to arouse and catch your attention. So they got their basics right !!! Good foot tapping music that topped charts, interesting starcast and the whole modern look and feel to the movie. But how does one feel after watching the movie? Read on...
The subject of the movie, isnt daisy fresh. Infact you can put it in the "commitment-phobia and end mein sab theek ho gaya" category if you may like. Its the treatment to the subject that is novel. The director draws parallels in relationships of the heart, in different eras. First up we see the dapper Saif playing his usual heady concoction of the metrosexual uber cool "Dude" with the right (30%naughty, 10% confused, 30% charming, 30% cocky) expressions. He now defines the word "Perfect" for this stereotype even with new blokes like Ranbir Kapoor breathing down his neck for competition. We see heady flashes of two people fallin in love and drifting apart and everything seems to happen and decisions are taken in split seconds after listening to the brain and not the heart. Deepika Padukone almost spoils it with her Ice maiden demeanour and mouths dialogues rapidly without a flicker of emotion. However her efforts show considerable results as the film progresses and you are fine at the end of the day to accept her as this practical modern lady. I think the director packs a killer punch when Deepika calls saif right after the wedding to speak to him. Saif delivers all the lines and does that scene brilliantly, deepika is left stranded, and thereby Imtiaz Ali hides the leading lady's handicap of non-acting in her most crucial scene and you are ok with it to see her with tearful eyes and Saif stealing the cake!!!
Rishi Kapoor narrates the story in the retro mode and you are subjected to the Sardar Saif who abandons everything for True love and shows the purest of devotion for the same. The dude does a good job but clearly doesnt look 100% convincing as he did in the langda tyaagi (Omkaara) mode. I wished Ranbir Kapoor played the retro character, it would have been absolutely thrilling then. And why did they settle for brazillian Giseli Monteiro, to play the meek punjaban with hardly any dialogues and credited with the worst song in the movie, if they at all had to prove a point to anyone??? However the second half did run a few reels unnecessarily with some continued elaboration on Saif's "Golden Gate" plans !!! Finally realisation struck, the parallel lines met at a commonality of Love triumphing over everything else and the narrative ended well.
I was shocked to see Rahul Khanna's condition in the movie (Let God not put my best of enemies in this situation !!). Another sad part was the under utilisation of such a powerful resource as Vir Das, the stand-up comedian.
Things that really stood out in this movie are casual interaction scenes between Saif and Deepika, they seem very comfortable, and you are left with a happy feeling when you walk out of the movie halls. All in all this isnt another Jab we met types roller coaster, but is definitely recommended for its fresh appeal !!! 3 cheers Mango people !!! As Harleen's father says "Decide ho gaya !!!" :D


  1. How did you like the movie? I found it okay types! One time watch.

    Deepika's role was real good and loved the songs.
    Yes...cheers to Mango People. :)

  2. Hey Amrit,
    I found the movie contemporary and hence decent. At least at no point i got signals to walk out of the movie hall and that is quite rivetting !!!
    I dont like Deepika Padukone as an "actress". Watch her scenes in OSO, BAH and LAK and u shall come to know what i'm talkin about. Songs are great, i invariably listen to them on my way to office.
    Banana Republics...Mango People !!! God this world's turning out to be a fruit-plate !!!