Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheers to Su-pal !!!

I know a very sweet couple !!! Maybe they are the sweetest couple i know amongst my friends!!! They are my best buddies from B-school.
Today they complete 4 years of courtship and i stand testimony to the fact that it has been my pleasure to have known them over this period. I have seen them in the best and worst of moods, caring, loving and funny and dependable as a friend each in their own unique way !!! They are as different as chalk and cheese and yet so compatible. When they argue while i am around i tell them not to as it would have a bad effect on me just as it happens on children when parents do the same. Their relationship has somehow had an effect on me to have belief in this institution of love. Else the heretic i am, i would have moved farther from reason much ago.

So, God, please do bless them with infinite years of togetherness and love. Amen !!!!

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  1. I agree buddy. In such a time where we are witnessing break-ups like anything..Su-Pal are the burning examples that love is still the best thing on this earth.

    I pray with you...God..please bless them with infinte love forever in their love.