Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockstar - A Review

"Jim Morrison showed the middle finger to the crowd, and they loved it, and here i am trying to entertain people, by singing at the bus stand, and i get beaten by the cops", says Janardhan Jakhar. The scene defines the tone of the movie. Fun times in the present situation and deep suffering ahead. For J.J must face the trials and tribulations in his ascent to the top of stardom. Pain brings out the best in artists. This is the defined truth. So the young man chooses the easy way out by asking out a stephenian in desi style and then trying to experience false pain, little knowing that this will actually turn into unavoidable an skeleton in his closet for life. There is eventual friendship and Heer has J.J as a friend helping her out in her lowly ordeals, as she tries to break out of her high society lifestyle. From watching semi porn in theatres, to gulping desi daaru and till her kashmiri wedding, J.J turned Jordan stays true to her and the friendship, even though we find traces of helpless attraction and love while this part of the act approaches the curtains.

The movie complements it's non linear narrative, with coherent links in the story, thereby giving the audience short spans of time to ponder over the current state of things and then quickly solving their inquisitiveness. This was somewhat a technique shown in Ali's last venture "Love Aaj Kal", although it had two protagonists and hence different stories trying to draw metaphors. This is a different ball game, and it works beautifully. The main catalyst being the wonderful music of A.R.Rahman woven into the story. So that's how we see Jordan crooning to "Jo Bhi Main....." possibly the soul song of the protagonist, at different stages in his auditions, amongst a yuppy crowd in Prague, in the Dargah etc..

So the heartbreak is real, and we see the rise of Jordan. Brilliant singer, unruly by nature, broken heart, harmed innocence ready to strike back at every given oppurtunity and crooning wide-eyed with guitar in hand. "Sangeetkar geetkar kuch nahin hota...bas ek Image hota hai" says the music company owner. Well, our man gets it right !! With new found stardom, Jordan makes it to Prague, to be with his lost soulmate and the two hit it off right where they left. So the junglee jawani days are back, the fun they had as two carefree souls. The longing and desire give way to passion and the eventual separation happens yet again....

The bad boy gets worse from hereon. Further success brings further self destruction. The simple Jat boy is hounded by fans wherever he goes and the fame monster has the better of him, when he visits his friends and becomes a victim of an incessant photo shoot rather than heartfelt camaraderie. So contracts are broken and honest attempts are made to create timeless music collaborating with a legendary musician, which IMO is a fine piece of musical jugalbandi (The dichotomy of fame) and the restlessness continues until fate brings the soul mates together finally trying to spend life together coping with one tragedy and another. It is when Heer comes to Jordan's life, that he sheds the feathers of arrogance and indifference and transforms into the same innocent boy he was when they first met. This happens everytime, baring the phase where Jordan gets into his demanding self and falls prey to his desires for Heer and is thus termed selfish.  Selfish he is not, as we all know, dedicating his life to the woman he loved, lost, won and then finally..........

There is a scene where Jordan confesses his craze for Heer, and gives his reasons of why they should get together. Here too he is restrained and we do not see a hint of pathos or angst, neither a blatant account of his sacrifices. There's another scene, when he is picked out of a brothel and then tries explaining his condition to his manager. He does use terms to describe what he is feeling, why there is no sense of accomplishment...but you get the feel that there is a lot more he wants to say but is not able to. Thus the lyrics say - "Jo bhi main kehna chaahoon ...barbaad karein alfaaz mere" (Words destroy the meaning of what i really want to convey). This phenomena, gives rise to confusion internally. And when the guy is a simpleton, pure of heart and feels wronged as such..his defense mechanisms come into the foray and he gets violent. There are no pangs of drug abuse or self imposed hallucinations. It's all real, and it's all painfully beautiful.

Ranbir Kapoor in one word "excels". Quite frankly, after watching his performance, i cannot believe if any other thespian in the present hindi film industry can portray this role as honestly and execute a flawless performance as sincerely. Watching him wide eyed, tears shining, while he goes into a high pitch during the rendition of Kun faya Kun at the dargah, or Naadan Parindey at the live performance. Feel his angst during Saada Haq or laugh at his lovable mannerisms when he plays the bumpkin in the beginning, the man is tailor made for the role. We also get to see the beautiful and much talked about Nargis Fakhri making her debut. She plays her role with great flair and control. Sheer beauty on screen and decent diction and dialogue delivery make her as one of the actresses to watch out for in the coming times. Good support cast by Kumud Mishra (Khatara Bhai) and Aditi Rao Hyder, whose role from a reporter to a star manager is a little contrived and gets confused in the moving narrative and surely has seen the editing scissors. The music is the parallel lead of the film and Rahman can be praised only as much possible, to give us another complete album after Delhi 6. This one too, has variety, depth and popular songs. Mohit Chauhan is the voice of Rockstar and does full justice to the vocals. Finally, the man Imtiaz Ali, earns another feather in his cap. It takes a director of his stature to give the kind of ending the movie deserved. This one is right on top as his earlier works.

I wish, there aren't any comparisons with Rock-On. I wish people stop demanding more "Rock" out of the music and enjoy the melody. I hope people understand that the title of the movie isn't to be taken very literally. It is about a "Rockstar" indeed, but it is more about the artist behind the image, his life, his love and his story. These are a few things that came to my mind as the audience was leaving hurriedly chatting, towards the exits while the movie had ended and the best romantic number was playing on screen. This movie has enough heart and hope the audiences fathom and reciprocate the same.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

CALIFORNICATION: Hank Moody – A character study

This one is strictly for Californication fans. And for some who are adventurous enough to peek into one of the most endearing characters ever seen on television.

Californication, the show is a situational comedy / drama / soft porn, depending on the scenario, and let me tell you the scenario is mostly fucked up :D. It has been criticised in the most liberal of countries, about the extensive adult content and programming slots. With its tongue in cheek humour and witty screenplay and endearing central character Hank Moody, the show has seen 4 seasons being wrapped up straight and I believe the guys are currently shooting for Season 5.

Hank Moody - Devil may Care
Hank Moody, as we all know is a writer. Successful / failed or there and there in between we can’t say, because this character is in continuation. He is an enigma, capable of surprising everyone including himself. Impulsive, old school, reckless, lazy and passionate beyond repair are a few words that may define him, but you never know which side of him might show up at what time.

Which is why, despite being a gifted writer, this person has managed to squander it all away. There is no ulterior motive or extra logical reasoning behind his downfall. All the man did was wear his heart on his sleeves and call a spade a spade and thus the world conspired to bring him down.

While in the first few seasons we saw Hank loiter after anything with sexy legs and get lucky invariably, he also settles down pretty much as the family guy later on. But as they say, your future is just the past coming out from another door. And hence Hank’s past never leaves him in his utopia-like situation of living the quiet life with his beautiful wife and lovely daughter. Complications arise, misunderstandings happen and we have Mr. Moody going back to ground zero and square one once again.

It would be unfair to term Hank as a womaniser. He is a lady’s man in the truest sense and has been known to give in to the situation, when he sees no other option but to comfort a woman or keep her self respect  intact by playing along. Of course he is attracted, and who isn’t, with the bevy of women around in the sitcom? This somehow questions the validity of the show, as to how come soooo many women fall for this jackass. But the explanation comes rightly in the way Hank seduces or gets through each one of them. Of course it’s all a little flimsy and has to be taken in with a pinch of salt, but we anyways aren’t watching a classic here are we?

Hank breaking down after Becca confesses a
bout losing her virginity
Hank has been described by his two closest women, Becca (daughter) and Karen (Wife) as a kid who refuses to grow up. It’s as if he is a kid in a man’s body, doing recklessly impulsive things, afraid of taking responsibility. This, given Hank’s personality does hold true, but only partially. Because we as the audiences, know this hugely caring and brooding self of Hank, that Becca and Karen do not get to see. Hank always keeps up the fa├žade of being the charming, lucky loser and smiles even in distress. But he loves and cares and pines for his family, doing anything possible to be together with them. He is pre historic in his ways and treats women with respect and insists on people doing the same. He is post modernistic in thoughts when he says he wouldn’t mind Becca turning into a Lesbian, because of his deep admiration towards the fairer gender, but also goes ballistic in an interview about how the internet has destroyed social and creative freedom, with everyone going LMAO and ROFL on the world wide web and being aware about unnecessary bits of news items.

Happier times - Hank teaching Becca
 how to Drive and Karen looks on
Hank has his share of shortcomings. He is a man, after all and does show his feelings after pangs of heart ache, although most of it he keeps to his brooding self. But when it comes to Karen and other men that she seems remotely interested in, Hank can’t hide his feelings of jealousy and loneliness. This is contradictory to Karen, who is ultra comfortable knowing Hank’s super active sex life. Maybe she accepts him as an adult, maybe she doesn’t love him as much, but it is Hank and his innocent childishness that comes into foray when complicated situations arise involving Karen.

Besides having a great sense of humour, Mr. Moody generally, and very liberally, crosses the line of sarcasm while dealing with mostly anyone.  This calls for conflict and as we all know Hank isn’t the right guy to handle conflicts. Infact he is self-conflicted most of the times and causes emotional damage on self at various points. Does he like self-pity then? Given the amount of worldly possessions he’s loved and lost, we cant agree on that.
The show, Californication, wouldn’t be what it is, without the superb music woven into the plot at various times. My favourites are:
·         Second Life Replay”, played when Hank is going through a major depression and has had too many pills before sitting down on the typewriter, to write a letter to Becca.
·         California Dreaming”, by Shaw Blades (original sung by The Mamas and the Papas). This is played at the end of the Second season, when Hank bids goodbye to Karen and stays back in California with Becca. Kind of a fitting moment.
·         Rocket Man” by Elton John, played during another lonely moment in Season 3.

So many songs, so many episodes, heartbreaks, sexcapades, broken Ferrari headlights…Hank Moody lives on..the non-conformist way!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Memoriam

He waited anxiously at the park. He had never ever been to a park. Boys never go to a park. They have addas, they roam, they zoom past on bikes, they play cricket. They don't go to parks. But he was at the park. He was waiting. He didn't like to wait. Like, ever !! But he was waiting. And patiently. The people around him were not that interesting, 2 couples lost amongst themselves, an elderly woman taking a stroll wearing adidas shoes with her loose fitting salwar kameez, an ice cream vendor moving around. He looked at his watch, it was over 40 minutes. He looked up. He saw her crossing the road. Ah Finally !! She gave one look at him, with a shy smile from across the road. She moved her fingers through her hair, which flew onto her face as a car whizzed past her. He smiled back. Thus froze the moment...An eternity, maybe?

                                        xxxxxxxxxxxx                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              xxxxxxxxxxxxx

He had just got done dumping his 3rd bag under his seat. The train left in 10 mins. There was family to see him off. She called...He had to take this call...He couldn't take this call...It was an emotional moment....He had to be physically present at the platform, comforting, assuring kith and kin that he'll be fine. The mind was on her however. Distance never mattered...or maybe it will....too many questions...too little time...the whistle blew....

              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxx                       xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It was his second coffee at the shop, while he kept waiting....wasting time on a small weekend wasn't his kind of idea of having fun....but today was different...he wouldn't mind wasn't the first time he was waiting for her...She came...the same familiar angelic face, maybe a little plumper but pretty, decently stylised as per the demands of big cities...long hair...and yet none of it mattered....That smile, the one he'd remember for a lifetime and more was missing....She did smile nonetheless, but it was nothing short of a stranger greeting you. Familiarity is a bad thing... you can never renew certain things...they have to be either the same or the kind that didn't matter. This missing smile could have been a good indicator of the proceedings ahead.... they were strangers after all !! 3 does change the most in his/her formative years...and yes, it never is the he realised. The bitterness may go...but these two strangers could never go back to the idea that two youngsters nurtured..of hopelessly falling in love....maybe yet again !! He bid goodbye.....

                    xxxxxxxxxxxxx                xxxxxxxxxxxxxx                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

He was leaving for home...from work....tiring day...and a lot on his mind...and then he saw that office building on his way back...he normally saw it twice a day...what was so different? why would he patiently look at it, until, it went out of sight ? He tried noticing people around for a coolies, IT giants...and amongst them stood out a guy, maybe in his early formals with sleeves rolled up, with a giant office bag pulling his lean frame down, spectacled and with buck teeth....yet not being able to hide he smiled to some one across the road. The smile grew wider with passing moments....... He looked at the other end of the road....there was a girl at whom he was smiling....the lady was apparently trying to cross the road to get to him....His vehicle came nearer....."Driver, gaadi roko ek second !!"......The lovers were united....they did throw a puzzled expression as to why the car stopped immediately to allow her to cross...but soon they were lost within themselves.....

He had to divert his attention....he never dwelled in memories any longer...or atleast he liked to believe so....He ordered the driver to switch on the radio....and a song followed....

""Teri nigaahon ke..teri hi raahon ke kareeb se gayi zindagi... 
Tujhe kyun dekha naa..tujhe kyun jaana naa...shikayatein karoon ya nahin... 
thami hai yeh saansein...bhari hai yeh aankhein..sahoon kaise ab yeh faasla... 
Bin tere bin tere....koi khalish hai hawaon mein bin tere...."

Didn't make things easy....

P.S - the link to the song, which was much of an inspiration for the post. 

Image Courtesy - Edvard Munch - Separation - Oil on Canvas

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kya Bhidu...The Jackie Shroff saga

While growing up in the 90s' back at home, i was always fascinated by a visit to the barber's shop. It was a delightful experience for me to notice so many people, come in sporting different hairdos and go out with new mane. While it came to facial hair, the barber applied copious amounts of lather on the peoples faces and rubbed them clean. But after that, came the most critical part - trimming and shaping the mustachios (for those who sported them). It is here that the barber, narrowed his eyes, picking his finest pair of scissors and a small comb and asked the customer the most distinguished question that has ever been asked to a moustached person in India - "Jackie Shroff style kar dun?" (shall i style it like Jackie Shroff?).

Jackie Shroff pretty much immortalised the "Hero with a Moustache" in India. Of course there was also Shroff's contemporary and best partner in movies, Anil Kapoor, who was another moustache weilding hero, but the elegance, the Debonairish charm and the personality Jackie Shroff commanded in his prime, was hands and heads above the rest. Infact if you look at the career graph of this actor, you may feel its always style over substance. However it is also true that whenever given a chance, Shroff has performed genuinely and given stellar performances as the leading man.  Let's look at five of my favourite Jaggu Dada movies:

1. Hero: "Jaise Asli Heera dhoondne ke liye Johri ki nazar chahiye, waise hi Asli Hero chhunne ke liye Ghai ki Nazar  jaroori hai" (Just like you need a real jeweller to find the best diamond, you need Subhash Ghai to find a real HERO). How Subhash Ghai, India's best Showman since Raj Kapoor zeroed down on Shroff to be the leading man in his new movie is astounding, Especially with Jaggu Dada's local goon history during his Teen Batti days and a wee bit role in Swami Dada, it is harder to believe how he could be the choice of a leading banner to be their leading star. However history was written, Hero went on to be a huge hit and Jackie did very well as a debutant in a leading role. The haunting flute piece remains etched in memory. So does Sanjeev Kumar, who had a hilarious supporting role.

2. Kaash: Chances are, not many people have heard of this movie. For me, this remains as an endearing performance by Jackie and Dimple Kapadia in a tearjerking melodrama. Jackie demonstrates human failure competently as the superstar turned struggling father/alcoholic. I have very faint memories also of a stupid boxing match between Jackie and Dalip Tahil. "Baad Muddat" is another thing altogether.

3. Gardish: I remember as a kid reading the next line on the "Gardish" poster - "Wanted to be a man of law, NOW wanted by Law" !! And i kept trying to comprehend what it meant. This was a favourite childhood activity, getting to know 2% of a movie from a trailer or a poster and then trying to guess what the movie would be about entirely !! My follies apart, Gardish in my opinion is Jackie Shroff's masterpiece. How a sober, calm guy ends up becoming a Goon, and without any fault of his own..remains to be seen here. Brilliant support by Amrish Puri, in a non villainous role after ages. "Hum na samjhe the baat itni si...khwaab sheeshe ke..Duniya patthar ki"" takes me into melancholy everytime.

4. Parinda: I did not credit Anil Kapoor with this movie, as one of his best performances. I will not even give that credit to Nana, although he really was the scene stealer in the movie with his crazy-eccentric Anna act. But fact remains that this is one of the best restrained performances given by Jackie in a long time. Very maturely acted and always shown the right amount of emotions (he either under does or over does that mostly). Infact in retrospection, if there ever was a leading man in 1989, who could be cast in a movie about the Mumbai underworld, it had to be Jackie. Our Man won his only "Best Actor (Lead) - Filmfare" for this film.

5. Angaar / Mission Kashmir : It was tough to pick a 5th one amongst a lot of "good but definitely not great" works of Mr. Shroff. "Angaar" was Jackie's take on the conventional "Angry young man" syndrome of Bollywood. It's a hard hitting movie, extreme measures, extreme violence, extreme dialogues and Shroff does full justice to his pivotal role. On the other hand you have him playing Hilal Kohistani, an incarnation of Pure evil, with Kohl lined eyes, brainwashing the youth to lead terror in Kashmir. This movie showed a lot of promise for Jackie, and audiences felt, he now has another area to exploit his acting - the negative area. It didn't happen though.

When i looked up wiki, to confirm if Jaggu Dada has any good releases coming up, i wasn't too startled by his recent condition. In the last year, there were 3 Jackie Shroff releases are - "Ek second jo zindagi badal de", "Mussa - The Most Wanted" and " Bhoot and Friends". To say that this veteran actor is loosing it, wouldn't be an irrational statement. Recent memories of Jackie, on TV are instances when he is being bashed up by Salman, in "Veer" which is being aired for the nth time, or praising magicians with "sahi hai bhidu..mast kiya ekdum" some random show. In context to the present situation, I am reminded of the war scenes in "Border", at the time when Sunny and Co. were wrecking havoc yet getting their asses kicked, Jackie kept marching from one end of his fighter plane tyo another, in a state of utter helplessness, muttering - "Can't fly in the night..Dammit...Can't fly in the night" !!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunny Deol's Eyes (and a few of his best movies)

"Utaar ke faink do yeh wardi aur pehen lo Balwant Rai ka patta apne gale mein." - Ghayal.

"Mathura Das, isse pehle ki main tujhe Gaddar karaar deke goli maar dun...bhaag jaa yahan se" - Border.

I wish there was an option in blogger, which would make these fonts bolder, much bolder, as much as the boldness and machismo pumped into these lines by the sayer. If there ever was an instrument, which could measure the intensity and volatility of an actor's performance, it would have been destroyed by a single steely glance of Sunny Deol's ultra expressive eyes. Ahh...those eyes !! They might not be as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai's, might not be as perfectly arched and romantically deep as Shahrukh's or as crooked as Shakti Kapoor's. But if eyes were a window to one's soul, Sunny Deol's eyes surely depicted two emotions awesomely well - Hatred and Revenge !!! 

Continuing with the tradition..i would now list down my favourite Sunny Deol movies, the best 5. Not surprising though, that the new ones won't find a mention.

1. Arjun: Mamaiyya kero kero kero Mamma.... !! What memories this movie holds... For me, this movie defined youth rebellion for a long time, until "Rang de Basanti" happened. The anger of the unemployed youth, nagged at home, disrespected in society, was well portrayed by the young guns including Deol. The scene where they meet the rival gang, and the sound of whistling amidst silence, the rain scene where one of the guys is being chased by the goons, with hundreds of black umbrellas cramming the screen, remain memorable to this day. And Sunny Deol, as Arjun Malvankar, the strong, silent hero, with fire in his belly, was a treat to watch.

2. Dacait: I remember watching this movie when i was a kid and being shit angry and troubled and teary eyed looking at Sunny Deol's face, when he sees his mom Raakhi, who's gone mad and is dancing with a shaved off head..."Nacho re nacho..." !! Uff..the plight !! Too much... And just the right expressions put in again by Sunny boy !! How a simple, educated boy turns into a dreaded Dacoit, is a story well told and very well acted by Deol Senior. Another Rahul Rawail-Sunny Deol Hit Combo, after "Arjun".

3. Ghayal: Most Indians, when asked to mention THE defining Sunny Deol Movie, would immediately respond - "Ghayal".  This film over the times has become a cult classic, in the history of action cinema in Bollywood. Dialogues are still remembered and spoken. The story of yet another angry young man, wronged by the system, in search of his missing elder brother. This also marked the successful association of Deol with Rajkumar Santoshi.

4. Daamini: This is a movie, where in the traditional sense of the word, Sunny Deol isn't the "Hero" of the movie. But when we remember "Daamini" today, we would remember it for Deol, and maybe a few would recount Meenakshi Sheshadri's stellar performance too. This movie IMO should also hold the record for memorable dialogues : screen time ratio, and Deol's "Govind", the fire yeilding lawyer who returns from self hibernation, is a winner, hands down. Hands se yaad aaya - "Yeh Dhaai kilo ka haath..jab kisipe padta hai na...toh aadmi uthta nahin....(dramatic expression with palm flicked towards heaven)..UTTH jaata hai."

5. Border: J.P.Dutta's multi-starrer has been IMO the best war movie bollywood ever made. War, here meant fighting our neighbours, and the action involved here, was more emotional, rather than the technical CGI sequences hollywood specialises in. We do not need 50 animation smart assess to blow up a tank spectacularly on screen. A howling Sunil Shetty (Maahh....Shakti...Maahhhhhhhhhh) punctured with 16 bullets is enough for this. And when it comes to emotional action..who better than Sunny Paaji ?? Amongst a bevy of heroes, Sunny Deol stood out with extra ordinary screen presence. Remember the scene where he gives the Pak general a mouthful or where he counsels young tongue protruding Akshaye Khanna, Deol is superb. Garland of grenades and heavy launcher on thy shoulder...there marches my bollywood soldier !!

What did i miss? "Gadar - Ek Prem Katha" comes immediately to the mind. This is one movie, where after Border, Sunny Deol took the Pak thing into his own hands, and didn't need the army to emerge India victorious. This movie also raced with "Lagaan", another bollywood legend, and bitchslapped it to turn victorious at the Box office race back then. "Ghatak" was a worthy successor to "Ghayal" but somehow also resembled the 10 movies Deol did those days, which you couldnt differentiate from one another while being played on cable television. "Arjun Pandit" had an interesting premise, that of a "Negative Hero" (another bollywood cliche). He has also been an integral part of Rajiv rai's entertainers "Tridev" and "Vishwatma". Off late i havent seen any of his new stuff and i doubt any of them would make it into a list of "10 best Sunny Deol movies". I'd read about "Ghayal Returns" a few days back. Hope it returns well and soon. Can't wait to see the Real action man again. "Kab aayegi yeh Taareekh? Tareekh pe taareekh .........................!!!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anil Kapoor or The Act of Moving your Thumbs Perpendicular to your Ears, over your Mane..and saying - Aye Jhakaassss !!!

Aye Jhakaassssss....... !!! Kya Bolaaa !!!

The hero does a fine act of a roadside tramp/local goon/small time hoodlum, mouthing these dialogues. These lines aren't crass, they are not vulgar and they are not at all wannabe cool. Over a period of time, these dialogues have become endearing, just like the protagonist we identify them with - Anil Kapoor.

The first thing that comes into my mind when i remember Anil Kapoor is Hair. Hair here, hair there, hair hair everywhere !!! He was once described as a barber's nightmare by his leading lady Dimple Kapadia, while they shot for steamy scenes in Jaanbaaz. However, leaving the hair raising issues aside, when i look at the career of this man, which has spanned more than 3 decades now, i can only stand in awe and admire his body of work, the variety, the talent and energy he brought on screen. I thought of listing my 5 favourite Anil Kapoor films here on my blog, a process i would like to repeat with several other stars later. Quite a difficult task, but here goes the list:

1. Tezaab (1988) - I have gone on and on about Tezaab in one of my previous blogs. It is one of my favourite hindi movies. As i'd said earlier, this movie has everything a masala potboiler should contain. I can watch Tezaab, any given time. I also remember the dialogues pretty well. The transformation of a young student into a tadipaar criminal, has been portrayed really well by Kapoor. Be it his loverboy scenes or the cold hardened look of Munna, he plays this role to perfection. Complemented equally well by Madhuri Dixit, for whom this movie was the elevator to stardom. The surprise factor was Chunky Pandey's "Babban", the lovable side-kick. Generous mention for Kiran Kumar's "Lotiya pathan" too, who had some of the best dialogues in the movie. Sample this - "Lotiya jab deta hai toh ehsaan nahin karta, aur jab leta hai toh lihaaj nahin karta".

2. Saaheb (1985) - If there ever was an "A" in a dictionary, Music Director Bappi Lahiri never bought it. All "A"s in his songs tended to become "Aye"..just like "Yer bine chen kehan reeeee....Sone nehin Chendi nehin yer toh mila, ayere pyer ker le...". Maybe i am exaggerating a wee bit, but who hasn't had fun with Bappi da. This song, one of his most popular ones, was used in "Saaheb", an otherwise simple story of a young goalkeeper, who sacrifices his dreams for his family. Very well acted again by Kapoor as the yuppy youth, getting reprimanded by Dad and family and yet rising up to the occasion when his family needs him the most. Great performances by Raakhee Gulzaar as the Bhabhi. The chemistry of the leading pair(Amrita Singh being the Heroine) is awesome, something they carried forward in "Chameli ki Shaadi" as well.

3. Viraasat (1997) - This movie was an official remake of "Thevar Magan". I havent seen the original. But for me, this is one of Anil Kapoor's best performances. Again a transformation here from a City boy into the headman of his clan, sporting inch wide mustachios, Anil Kapoor performed this role wonderfully. Watch out for the last scenes of the movie and the power packed scenes he delivers. Tabbu was excellent and a great supporting role by the Late Amrish Puri.
P.S - Has a wonderful stick fight scene.

4. Meri Jung (1985) - I dont have any idea, why Anil Kapoor looked so tanned in this movie. I mean what was the idea behind that ? The movie was a great one though. This one sees Kapoor play the Angry young man. However this angry young man doesnt break the law, he is a man of law himself and strives hard beyond an amnesia struck mother, a love struck sister and a Thunder Struck Javed Jaffrey, to bring Thakral (Amrish Puri), the lawyer who framed Kapoor's innocent father for murder, to justice. Pretty awesome movie, baring a few loopholes, somethings we have learned to live and love in bollywood. The piano plays some great tunes, Javed jaffrey in his debut makes some killer moves and i just have to mention Parikshit "Brrotherr" Sahni over here, just for kicks, for no reason, even though he has a very small role in the movie.

5. Taal (1999) / Raam Lakhan (1989) - Ok, i couldnt decide between the both. I have a tie. In both these movies, Kapoor isn't the central character. Ram Lakhan, being a two hero movie, and other performances aside, the best that you will still remember out of it as you think would be the endearing Lakhan. Be it dancing with awesome energy to "Dhinaa Dhin Dhaa...." or acting as the corrupt cop, Kapoor's Lakhan is an immortal part of cinema. Taal, saw him in negative shades as Vikrant Kapoor the Music Maestro, wicked, funny and yet very much likeable. Vikrant cheats tunes from folk singers, yet is fair enough in letting go of the leading lady in the end.

I have had to leave out so many other movies out of the list. Anil Kapoor has to be a specialist in remakes of South Indian cinema (something that nowadays Salman Khan is getting quite good at). So for a "Viraasat", i had to leave out "Nayak". He was equally good in "Lamhe", though Sridevi nailed the movie, and i personally do not like a moustache less Anil Kapoor :) (which is not the reason why i didnt consider "Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate" !!). "Parindaa" was more of a joint effort by the screenplay, Nana Patekar besides Jackie Shroff and Kapoor. "Pukaar" just missed out by a whisker. "Mr. India" was more fun than acting prowess. The kids were great and Kapoor anyways was mostly invisible, so won't qualify :) !! Awesome comic timing in "Khel" (copy of Dirty rotten scoundrels) and "Deewana Mastana" alongwith Govinda.

Other generous mentions would be Eeshwar, Benaam Badsha, Armaan, Kala Bazaar and Mashaal. Ohh..and here's an interesting yet useless piece of info - Anil Kapoor's "Woh saat din" having released in my hometown after a year of its release date, was supposedly my first movie in a theatre (read - baby taken to the theatre by parents, sleeping during the movie and crying intermittently much to the disapproval of the audience). And, No, i wasn't seven days old then !!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Songs...How does one go about describing them ? From the faint sounds coming in from a beaten down transistor to the crystal clear symphonies from a BOSE system, the rich to the poor all alike, Music has no boundaries and has an universal appeal as a mode of entertainment. Of all that i have heard and hear, simply put, a song is a combination of music and lyrics, sung in a rythm.

But then, that's such a layman definition. A song is so much more. It's a memory, it's a celebration, it's an expression. It can propel you to the heights of Euphoria or put you to the depths of sorrow. A song is so much more.....SO much more !!! What i love about our cinema is how songs are blended into a movie (sometimes the blending is taken in a little liberal sense though). This gives a whole lot of meaning to our songs. Situational songs have the audience identify with the character singing it and thus remembering it for a long time. Festival songs rule for ages. Item numbers become the current chartbusters and are aired on TV in the 142367854 channels continuously. We listen to songs, we forget them (unless you are Annu Kapoor hosting Close Up Antakshari). But a few remain close to our hearts. Here are a few of my favourite numbers. Very peculiarly, I like the Antaras (mid verses) of these songs, and their lyrics fill my heart with happiness and fond memories.

Dhoondha karenge tumhe saahilon pe hum

Reth pe yun pairon ke mohren naa chhodna…

Saraa din baithe baithe sochega Samandar

Aate jaate logon se puchchega Samandar

Saahib Rukiye zara…

Arey Dekhi kisine..Aate huye lehron pe jaati hui ladki !!!

- Chhai Chappa Chhai (HU TU TU) - Happened to be a random song in my memory, until i finally heard the entire song. What beautiful lyrics and how well sung this one is. Every time i go back home, i sit at the sea shores, listening to this.

Meri pehchaan ka ek Shaksh..issi sheher main hai

Main bhi zinda hun, zara usko..bata de koi…

- Mere khwabon ka har ek naksh (JISM) - I believe this song hasn't been used in the movie. I absolutely love Udit Narayan's voice, and this is a testimony to the man's ability. I used to listen to this song often alone, during my initial days in Mumbai. Par meri pehchaan ka koi shaksh iss sherer mein nahin tha tab !!

Pichhli raat main hum uth uthke chupke chupke roye re

pichhli raat main

Sukh ki neend main meet hamare desh paraye soye re
sukh ke neend main

(Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukare) -2, Aaja baalam aayi baharein

Baith ke tanhai main karlain, sukh dukh ki do batein…
Chandni Raatein….

- Chandni Raatein (Partners in Rhyme) - There was this compilation album released while i was in school - "Solid Hits". It had some of the best indipop numbers i can remember. This song somehow, stood out. I liked the music video too.

Iss se pehle ke humpe hansti raat

Bann ke naagin jo humko dasti raat

Leke apna bharam ...chale aaye

Tuu naa aaya toh hum..chale aaye... 

 - Tere dar par sanam (Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi) - I first heard this song as a kid, on some music show on the cable. I remember this movie premiered on Zee Cinema. I also remember watching Pooja Bhatt looking her best and Rahul Long locks Roy mouthing dialogues stonily in this movie. While i grew up, i was writing this as my favourite song on every slam book i got to sign. The true depth/meaning came a lot later and the likelihood increased. Again, what lyrics !! One of the last works of Late Kaifi Aazmi. Pure genius.

Yaad Aatee Rahee, Dil Dukhaatee Rahee

Apane Man Ko Manaanaa, Naa Aayaa Hume

Too Naa Aaye To Kyaa, Bhool Jaaye To Kyaa

Pyaar Kar Ke Bhoolaana Naa Aayaa Hume

 - Ramaiya Vastavaiya (Shri 420) - I can still visualise Nargis's expressions, mouthing these lines. Such simplicity and grace has been unparalleled. When she says "Maine dil tujhko diya.." i get goosebumps..everytime.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Govinda- The Memories

"Filmon ke Saare Hero....Mere aage hain Zero" - Thus sang Krishna in the Movie - "Swarg".

Acting is happy agony. – Jean Paul Sartre

At the outset, Govinda’s name in the industry has become synonymous with Comedy Movies, in the same manner as you would identify Shahrukh with Romance or Sunny Deol with Action. Comedy they say is a hard talent to master. But in hindsight, I feel, seldom has it been appreciated in the upper echelons (spare a few Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies, which were lonnnnnnnnnnng ago), as much as other basic genres of movie bases. We saw Raj Kapoor start the Funny Hero genre and soon it was an important item in the Bollywood hero’s portfolio. While we have seen world class performers across the globe, such as Robin Williams or Roberto Benegini, who despite being funny men mostly in their careers, still went on to win high honours in Acting, such an instance is yet to be seen in our industry.

Which brings Govinda into the discussion back again. Arguably a complete actor, in the late 80s and 90s, and specially blessed with great dancing skills and a flair for comedy, Govinda ruled the commom masses’ hearts for years. Often in the early 90s’ we’d see Govinda being a part of a big movie, supporting bigger stars and yet holding his fort very well, case in point could be “HUM” (1991) or “SWARG” (1990). As time progressed, we saw him belt out entertainers like “Shola aur Shabnam”(brilliantly paired opposite the Late Divya Bharati), “Aankhen”, “Khuddar” etc.

However slowly but surely the association with David Dhawan and the success of comedy movies such as “Raja Babu” saw the audience accept Govinda only as a “Comedy Hero”. The same duo of Dhawan-Govinda, who had also tasted success with masala flicks like “Aankhen” or “Shola aur Shabnam”, thereby constantly began producing Comedy Movies one after another. This, though proved beneficial for Govinda in the shorter scheme of things, completely ruined his acceptability as a serious actor, before the viewers.

Govinda throughout his career has been a very complementing actor. He’s been a great leading man to Karishma Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee etc. He’s matched Amitabh Bachchan in mad cap comedy in “Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan”. He’s produced hilarious moments combining with Satish Kaushik as well as Johnny Lever. He’s played the softie to match the aggression of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. As far as career choices are concerned, I would see him as someone who didn’t take risks and remained comfortable in his genre. Although his stellar performance in “Shikaari” did earn him a Filmfare nomination, we never saw Govinda really crossing the edge. But then, maybe no one never really gave him a chance !! For me his best performances would be in “Hatya” and “Khuddar”, where he played really serious characters with absolute conviction.

After a brief stint into politics, Govinda has come back to movies once again, starting off again at buffoonery with “Partner” and then a much talked about supporting role in “Ravan” which turned out be irritatingly short besides a few other forgettable movies. I would love to see him do what he hasn’t in so many years in the industry – “Surprise the audience” !! Rarely would we again see an actor with such a fantastic timing for humour, most gracious dancer who could dance through his facial expressions and a lovable character on screen. But, will there be another shade to remember ???

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket - What else ???

I haven't really been populating my blog with words over the last two months. While the reason could be attributed to a lot of factors, in reality, the frenzy of the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011 took over India and me all alike.

In India, my motherland, Cricket is almost synonym for life, or atleast it was, when we were growing up. It is still the most followed sport in the country, although attention now has also come towards other sports, where the atheletes and sportsmen have brought in glory to the nation. How much soever we may try and bask in the glory of our singular achievements in olympics, commonwealth games etc.. fact remains that there's just one sport -  CRICKET, that holds the heartstrings of an entire nation or atleast a vast majority of it.

When I grew up in the late 80's and 90's, cricket was an even more revered sport and much discussed and much respected, in the hallowed circles of the elite and hoi polloi all alike. I was privy to a lot of after match analyses in the neighbourhood, an even more sizeable number of pre match discussions on team selection and some of my fondest memories in life will remain the gleaming faces of the family and known ones, whenever the Indian team bailed out of nail biting victories. The Dhaka Independence Cup final, The Sharjah win against Australia...all come floating into the mind as if it were yesterday.

Until recently, where our Cricket team has become near invincible and very technical, in the able hands of MS Dhoni, the cricket teams of yesteryears that i witnessed, was always flawed at one end or the other. The non-spinning Raju deliveries, the super slow motion fast deliveries from Venky, the Kumble dive-in-to-the-swimming-pool fielding, the merry go round of the bevy of wicket keepers post Nayan Mongia, the struck in the crease openers like Ramesh and Somsundar.....all of them, all of that made Indian cricket look much vulnerable and much Human unlike today. Hence, maybe the victories despite the handicaps gave even greater joy !!  

There have been big achievements, but the only thing that's eluded the Indian teams so far has been the biggest jackpot of it all - THE WORLD CUP !! Since the time i started following the sport, i have seen my country coming agonisingly close and yet exiting the tournaments at various levels unable to win the big glory. Sometimes made me wonder, if all this madness would end up in nothing. If i ever would be able to recount the memories of India winning the world cup as an old man, before my grand children, the same way as my dad and grand dad do, the latter more enthusiastic to explain the situation and the exact Radio commentary during those times of Glory. So vivid are their memories, that i could almost visualise Viv Richards getting caught by Kapil Dev and the splendid swing of Amarnath, until later getting to see the videos on sports channels.

Guess what, India plays Sri Lanka in the Finals of the World Cup 2011 today.  Here's a silent but strong prayer for my team. I hope we win it. Yes, there's a lot of emotion involved !!!

C'mon India !!! Win it for me, win it for us, win it for everyone. It's been long overdue.....


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love's Labour Lost

Ever wondered if killing someone's feelings should be punishable ?? The law of the land punishes only crimes which can be physically verified. What about the lashes on the souls, the daggers in the hearts, the strangling of emotions and the treachery in relations ??

The beauty of human life is such that we are able to cope up and start afresh post setbacks MOST of the times. That attribute is innately necessary for a successful person in the society. But what we forget is the value of the pain we endure during those moments of grief.

Lets for a moment think of feelings as investments, they grow with increased interaction with the other person, only to turn to zilch, once the mirage vanishes or the dream ends. To objectify now, isn't it a great deal to lose? The accused is guilty if not for killing a person, then certainly a part of him/her. That part that grew up with you, that part that shared his/her dreams with you, that part that dared to dream with you, the heart that pumped extra strong when you were in sight, the mind that ensured fidelity amidst distractions, the body that met the calls and demands of the partner, the conscience that felt most responsible to rule in your favour, when moments of making choices appeared.

Some of the best writers have given such brilliant quotes on loosing in love/relationships. Over the times the pain of separation has achieved a different romanticism in itself. So many verses dedicated to the very feeling of sadness. Maybe we realise that we are now alone, and with this heady feeling of sadness thereby deciding either to console and pamper the self, or inflicting more damage upon it as an act of turning into one's own nemesis. Choices really, the value base of our life !! I'll leave you with two contradictory quotes below:

"Better never to have met you in my dreams, than to wake and reach for the hands that are not there." - Otomo No Yakamochi

"It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" - Lord Alfred Tennyson

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mumbai - Passing Dhobi Ghaat and some more - II

Aye Dil hai Mushkil, jeena yahan..
Zara hatke Zara bachke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan !!

Sunset at Worli Sea Face
I had heard this song so many times during the sunday morning "Rangoli", that i always took it at face value. Taking a song at face value, would mean being happy just by the tune and look of the song and having never to delve into the lyrics part or what it meant to the protagonist singing the song. It was when i happened to listen to this song on the radio, while on a local train, that i finally took notice of the clever words, that hid behind Johnny Walker's amusing face.

There's a running joke, that the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your future plans. Well, that gives a rather sinister picture of the old man up there, doesn't it?? Holds good in my case. When you live in a fast city, disappointments come thick and fast and after a few knockouts, you do start thinking fast in your head and try coop up with them even faster. Plan A never works, there ought to be a Plan B and yeah while you are at it, please also prepare for Plan C,D and E.Heck, u might as well be a crisis manager and have no plan at all. To each his own, calamity has no funny bone !!

Jobs changed, roomies too.And what great ones there !! These two were my past and my the chaddi buddy and the other, fresh out of my B-school. The trio had some great times and even now when we retrospect almost invariably we end up miming each other on that statement "Rangari heights" was the bestest times in Bombay". Yeah, the place i'd taken up, was a 1 room+kitchen MHADA flat (for non-mumbaikars, slum development flats, which the original slum dweller leased out to me, as he was already living in another proper 2BHK slum development flat!!!). The two of them joined me later, and while space was a big constraint, it never dampened our spirits and we lived in full glory at "Rangari Heights", the modified name, we'd given to "Rangari Bori Chawl", which was the actual name of the apartment. How a 300sq feet flat accomodated 3 folding beds, 2 cupboards, a TV a DVD player, a Playstation, a whole lot of clothing and three adult individuals, will remain an unsolved mystery forever. There are a lot of funny stories of our times there. We had a humongous big head of a neighbour, who was a self-proclaimed "Retired-Model". He was henpecked, and was found outside our door, laying flat on his fat ass (we'd high jump him everytime we had to step out !). Everytime we ordered Pizza, there would be an enquiry if it was somebody's birthday today. The females coming into the house, had to have a strict dress code, and a straight-to-lift-and-room-on-the-left-policy.

The Republic of powai, viewed from Hotel Rennaissance
The gang gained numbers thick and fast. It was also then that i realised, i was not Superman. I could never be at all places at all the required moments. The party groups changed, commitments broken and rituals unobserved. It was time to move on, and to a new place. Powai it was !! The central suburb of the city. No more the craziness, no more the hustle bustle. It was time to settle down and enjoy what a majority of people in the city never can - tranquility. And with the best loved company !! Life was in much order now, when we were at home. Travelling took a toll but the first class compartments of Eastern Line Local Trains, were quite generous ( i use were, as i haven't taken the locals over the last 2 years, bless me !!) and it was all good. Bombay had this side to it as well. The greenery across the railway tracks, was something i had forgotten while dwelling amongst the hard landscapes all the time. Lifestyle was cheaper in comparison. While "Going out" was the mantra for the day, now "house parties" were somehow the most happening agenda we could come up with. Wild bunch of people, with lots of spirits and food, music in full blast, enjoying each others company. And lo behold...a gazillion times, and still rocking !!! Sometimes it felt as if we were playing "Settlers", or you know "The Sims".

With great powers comes great responsibilities, and with recession comes the management ability for lay-offs without any credibility. How much ever amusing the last statement might appear, losing your job can be a bitch. I'll quote Jolie's tattoo here - "What nourishes me also destroys me". While maximum city here, opened its mouth to engulf you while all its expensive tentacles blocking your airway of monetary passage, the spirit of the city, never allowed me to retreat, repent, sit back and retrospect. It was Bombay, for heaven's sake !! If i couldn't bounce back here, i couldn't anywhere. The ideology paid off in sometime. While i might project it as a victory of the soul, it wasn't possible without the best buddies' support. There was this one time, i even went to Haridwar, for a great job opportunity and had made it through, but a thousand things were not right about it . I remember foolishly asking someone about broadband connections. I'd asked for a smoke in the main market and was gazed upon as an alien, leave aside, the expectation of booze. The film they were airing in the nearby theatre, was "Barsaat" - Bobby Deol's debut movie !! Bobby Deol !!! OMIFFFFFFFGAWDDDD !!! A week back from the holy place, my sins were washed off and i managed to strike gold in Bombay. Been close to two years now. I ain't looking back (except the retrospection i have had to do for this post).

Maybe, its just me. Maybe thats what Bombay does to you. Decreases other cities expectations, by such a drastic limit, you fear leaving from here. Maybe i am wrong. Maybe i didn't take the right decisions, board the right trains to success. But, i am happy, yeah deep within i am. My words may not sound poetic, liberal, or like the last scenes of Luck by chance, Konkana Sen taking the taxi or whatever. But the feeling is the same. My last two years have been a delight I have met up with awesome people, lost a few of my best buddies to the bitch called "migration" and yet am living amidst all love and friendship.

I'd been to Nariman point a few weeks back for a meeting. Did manage to pass through the same point of the sidewalk, where it had all started. It was empty. Innocence gave a weak smile from inside, as if i was about to tease it for what i had done back then. The smile was priceless. It was one of those that you realize alone, and close your eyes immediately.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mumbai : Passing Dhobi Ghaat and some more - I

Off late i have been pretty intrigued by the "different" trailer Aamir Khan's new movie "Dhobi Ghaat (Mumbai Diaries)" has showcased. In retrospection, I have been in the city of dreams since the last 4 years. And yes i have my diary of thoughts about Mumbai. I guess not only me, everybody, who's a part of the city or has been a part of this city, has thoughts and memories about the maximum city, some expressed in words, some etched in memories, something wonderful, something ugly, but yes, experiences that are a part of our lives, and will forever be etched as a part of us.

I "basically" come from Orissa (interviewers like me can have a lot of fun with what i just wrote), and I studied in Pune for a bit. Hence i never had an inkling of a thought how this was going to be. How Mumbai was going to be. And yes, i never wanted to be here in the first place. The interviewer who selected me at campus, might have thought else-wise and thats how i landed up here. I came to Mumbai late in Jan 2007, to figure out my accommodation first before i moved base. Armed with numbers of several P.Gs and a few brokers and with the smallest possible idea of geography in this city, i made my way here. And that is when realisation struck. And badly !! The city appeared huge, wanting to engulf me in an ominous manner. Every stranger i met seemed to know i do not belong here and spoke with an air which made me suspicious if he/she was trying to con me. The black n yellow cab drivers were faster than their meters, the brokers appeared to be land sharks and the sweet 50+ aunties managing Paying Guest accommodations no where appeared to be as kind, as i thought they might be.

"Yeh Mumbai hai Mumbai..yahan time ka matlab hai paisa !!" A then-recently seen movie, had this dialogue. I was on the path of realisation. Why didn't Pune prepare me for this ? Why wasn't this a part of the costly B-school education i underwent ??  Any ways, miracles do happen. The city made me do something i could never have otherwise. Pull a fast one. Yeah... my FIRST CRIME !! Managed to note a cell number from a broker's cell phone, upside down, break away for a minute and manage a conversation in English in front of the broker. The cell number belonged to a guy, who was ready to share his 1 room kitchen space with another guy. Managed to strike a deal with the guy, managed to save brokerage money (which looked huge back then) and managed to sideline the broker.

Thats how i moved in to Mumbai. It seems incredible now. I was possibly lucky. My roomie turned out to be a fashion designing chap, in his second year at college. This gentleman was queer to say the least. I had to bear up with odd activities of seeing a guy shaving his legs, wearing capris, strange temporary tattoo designs, apply kajal in his eyes and speak with a language-fucking accent. The first time he invited me to go shop with him, we went to a mall and he insisted at the beauty section to have the latest lip gloss be applied on his lips. I was scandalized and maybe my face still gave nothing away, but i was terrorized with how i am about to coop with this human. Well, it took time, a bit of it. What however turned out later was that i had the place all to myself. My distinguished roomie, was out, most of the time, sometimes at college, sometimes at functions and fashion parties and a lot more time back home in his native place in Maharashtra.

The place i resided those days was in Mahalaxmi, yes as close to "town/south mumbai" as you could call it and yet affordable. And yes I passed through the "Dhobi Ghaat" almost every day during my daily commute to office.After getting down at Churchgate station, i needed to hire a shared-cab which took me straight to my office building, but not before giving a splendid view of a stretch of the famous marine drive, that we get to see in select movies.  I worked at Nariman Point, the poshest office area in all of Mumbai, and with one of the leading Financial Services companies in India. Work was good, colleagues were great and supportive and my professional life was off to a good start.

I had received my tuitions well about boarding local trains in Mumbai. The key was to stand amidst the crowd waiting to board. They did the rest. They pushed you in a queue and within moments of restlessness and armpits and sweat and cursing, you found yourself in the train !! Okay, it might not be as fancy as i just made it sound, but what the hell ?? These are my memories and i had a jolly good time in the mumbai locals, so many people have such negative opinions about. The perspective always has to be clear if you want to enjoy yourself, and in this case there was no point complaining complaining about the crowd while you yourself forming the crowd in the first place !!

I remember after my first day in office, going up to marine drive, standing upon the pavement, which majorly witnessed joggers or love-lorn couples or few lonely souls. I dropped my bag, and tried opening my arms wide, as if to engulf the sea before me, to embrace the city and to say it out to myself - "I have arrived". It was quite a filmy moment, and i wont forget it ever. Especially the reactions i got from people around me. Two sets of couples were looking at me with puzzled expressions, a rag picker with contempt, and an old uncle, who just smiled while passing by.

View of Mumbai from the 18th Floor BSE Building, clicked on my cell cam
Living in town (South Mumbai) was a boon, as i realised much later. There was so much to do, so much to see and the city opened its arms to you, be it when I took a quiet walk across the stretch at Haji Ali or sped off in a cab from the famous J.J flyover after a night of partying in Town. The streets of Colaba, which always had something to offer to everybody, Gateway, which was flocked by tourists all the time and the old cinema halls which still managed to retain the old world charm. I used to aimlessly wander in town, after office, without a bit of fear, without any worldly burdens on my head and without any deadlines. If there is something in Mumbai i miss, i miss those moments !! The foodie in me was satisfied by Delhi Durbar, Cafe Noorani, the  midnight buffets at Marine Plaza and the small eating joints that we stumbled across.Special mention here for - Bachelor's, the best ice-cream joint i'd been to. The pirated DvDs we siphoned off the streets in Fort, was serious cinema and for crying red murder here, but i still will, coz' this treasure, will not be available at any tom,dick and planet-m store !!

"Town had action, town had soul
the sea breezes, the skylines and the watering holes..
Town had a lot of me, and a little bit of you...
and lo behold we passed off a year and two !!!"

To be continued.........