Friday, August 14, 2009

For her....

Conversations cease midnight falls
I lay on my bed gazing at the sky
The dim lit aura, the hiding stars
Laugh at me, I don’t know why

I hold fort and I ask them
What is it that gives u glee
They answer back and promptly tell me
‘Tis a question, that we should ask thee

Why the laughter, why the joy
Why the blush on your face would never go away?
Have you finally found the happiness
That you were looking for night and day?

I think back and I wonder if it’s true
Is it a hallucination or is it actually you.
The mirth and the laughter, the usual healthy banter
The stupid nothings that you whisper thereafter..

How I look forward to the constant flow of words
How my ears stand up at the slightest hint of your voice
How knowing you has truly been a blessing
How I can say I’ve just about found solace.


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