Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Translating Thoughts

I would not be a regular blogger yet again, i kept cursing myself over the last few days. I havent been. But i need to change. i need to pen in my thoughts more often. The return would be unleashing whats deep inside me, a creative vent you can say. Agreed i'm no Socrates or Archer (radical comparisons aint it??), but even the normal human being is a bundle of complexities which he/she randomly pays attention to. However, once the realisation comes, there grows the unrest (khujlee, as some of us colloquially would call it!! :). Then it could take various forms. As from personal experience and hearsay, i remember a person who'd write poetry. The need for turning a mellifluous statement into a verse, came in naturally to him. If at all the statement struck first, he had this unbeateable urge to translate it into a verse. That's how he made poetry. Fiction writers often have this habit of taking notes at various times during the day, exploiting the scenario with creative modifications and coming up with brilliant sub plots.

The oldest practice of blogging which dates back to the days of innocence, was maintaining diaries. You could never dream of publishing your diary, but writing in it was fun. Girls generally wrote their deepest secrets, crushes and other wishlists. For guys, after a point writing a diary became a sissy thing to do. So no matter how many G.I.JOE stickers you ornamented it with, no matter how many cool lines from hollywood movies you wrote, your diary had to be a secret.

I remember my diary. It had these top ten lists for possibly everything in this world. Music, Food, Movies, Cricketers, Friends !!! I was the critic, the reviewer and the final decision maker. Maybe this habit of reviewing, categorizing and prioritizing things came this early in life. Now what i feel important about this activity of opinion making is to take things in a positive stride and the key is being passionately involved in it yet be as less judgemental as possible.

Today when i read novice "reviewers" making derisive comments on our cinema, it feels sad. And to think that their ratings matters a lot to a lot of people, who choose to see the stars against a film's review rather than be interested in the subject, its indeed an act of cheating though willy-nilly. Their might be an arguement on this saying that thoughts are invidualistic, but if we are appreciating (or de-appreciating for that matter !!) art and creativity over here, our thoughts have to match Somewhere !!! Will somebody then explain me how a particular piece of cinema gets so differently reviewed in different forums ??? Hello !! I want an outline and highlights of a movie, not a post mortem !!!

Until next time.....sayo nara !!!

P.S - will be putting my blog online now, lets see wat brickbats i have in store... !!!


  1. Hey buddy...congrats on finally hitting the blog! :)

    Well, once should not force himself on putting up the post..after all blog is all about putting your thoughts as and when you like. Isn't it??

    By the write really well. :)
    And I dint know that you use to write diary. :)

  2. Thanks Amrit,

    Was pleasantly surprised to know that you blog too. Am pretty new to the whole setup. would be good if you can guide me a bit, how to tag other bloggers, be a part of any group etc..

  3. Yeah..I know a lot of people would be surprised :)
    But you dint tell me you liked my blog or not...or your silence meand you dint like it :)

    For tagging got the help buddy. Check out my blog...I tagged you for doing one tag. Complete that tag in your blog - link me..and link others you wanna to this tag!