Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Start

I had this profound thought of blogging one fine morning !!! And that was way back 2 years. Being technologically (perenially) handicapped, i could not however operate on the same. The wish to be back on blogs has come back, and here i am writing again, after having debated severely over the cons of Blogging !! Sorry guys !!

When i start this i also wonder what to write on !! My surroundings (mumbai's been a leaky cauldron in the rains), recent shows on television (Rakhi Rocks !!), new movies i'm looking forward to (Accio--- Potter), my state of mind (dont even get there !!), book reviews (phew !!) etc etc... And..... EUREKA !!! I will write about all of em !! So read on.... home away from home has been dripping since quite some time now. As clearly stated in a research, if even a fraction of the rain waters could have been saved until now, there would not be a water problem in the mahanagri (maximum city) !!! Showers have been the order of the day. I miss the rain kissed beauty of mother nature and am restricted to visions of open potholes and battered roads, with vehicles moving at snail's pace in traffic jams.

Television has been a big let down in recent times, with the infusion of n number of reality shows. While Roadies has been deteriorating with quality with every next version, other shows have simply dissappointed. Recently "Raakhi's swayamvar" has caught many an eye and is one of the best laughter inducing shows in the right spirit far better than the laughter challenges elsewhere. F.r.i.e.n.d.s and Seinfeld re-runs save the day but a lot more's left to be desired. And the bandwagon of saas bahu just took a brief exit from the spotlight to accomodate more "meaningful" genre of shows, full of non-actors, loose scripts ultimately resulting in viewer's dismay (i tried watching a show called Bhaskar-Bharti, hilariously not-funny !!!).

Movies, the other solace have somehow resumed across theatres recently post the strike. The last sensible comedy "99" was truly good. "New York" was fresh and hence liked by most while "Kambakht Ishq" was yet another mindless Akshay Kumar disaster. Looking forward to the releases of "Love aaj Kal" and "Kameeney" while the eagerly awaited Potter Boy's 6th celluloid drama has already unfolded in indian screens (gotta catch it fast).

If you are a fellow hedonist like me, you would understand the importance of books at this juncture. While Aravind Adiga pleasantly surprised with "White Tiger", I went back to more indian roots by completing the "Feluda" series by the Master, Satyajit Ray. Looking to read "The winner stands alone" although i'm never convinced about Coelho's interpretations.

Hopefully i shall write more and more regularly. Until then...bear with me !! :D

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