Thursday, May 19, 2011


Songs...How does one go about describing them ? From the faint sounds coming in from a beaten down transistor to the crystal clear symphonies from a BOSE system, the rich to the poor all alike, Music has no boundaries and has an universal appeal as a mode of entertainment. Of all that i have heard and hear, simply put, a song is a combination of music and lyrics, sung in a rythm.

But then, that's such a layman definition. A song is so much more. It's a memory, it's a celebration, it's an expression. It can propel you to the heights of Euphoria or put you to the depths of sorrow. A song is so much more.....SO much more !!! What i love about our cinema is how songs are blended into a movie (sometimes the blending is taken in a little liberal sense though). This gives a whole lot of meaning to our songs. Situational songs have the audience identify with the character singing it and thus remembering it for a long time. Festival songs rule for ages. Item numbers become the current chartbusters and are aired on TV in the 142367854 channels continuously. We listen to songs, we forget them (unless you are Annu Kapoor hosting Close Up Antakshari). But a few remain close to our hearts. Here are a few of my favourite numbers. Very peculiarly, I like the Antaras (mid verses) of these songs, and their lyrics fill my heart with happiness and fond memories.

Dhoondha karenge tumhe saahilon pe hum

Reth pe yun pairon ke mohren naa chhodna…

Saraa din baithe baithe sochega Samandar

Aate jaate logon se puchchega Samandar

Saahib Rukiye zara…

Arey Dekhi kisine..Aate huye lehron pe jaati hui ladki !!!

- Chhai Chappa Chhai (HU TU TU) - Happened to be a random song in my memory, until i finally heard the entire song. What beautiful lyrics and how well sung this one is. Every time i go back home, i sit at the sea shores, listening to this.

Meri pehchaan ka ek Shaksh..issi sheher main hai

Main bhi zinda hun, zara usko..bata de koi…

- Mere khwabon ka har ek naksh (JISM) - I believe this song hasn't been used in the movie. I absolutely love Udit Narayan's voice, and this is a testimony to the man's ability. I used to listen to this song often alone, during my initial days in Mumbai. Par meri pehchaan ka koi shaksh iss sherer mein nahin tha tab !!

Pichhli raat main hum uth uthke chupke chupke roye re

pichhli raat main

Sukh ki neend main meet hamare desh paraye soye re
sukh ke neend main

(Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukare) -2, Aaja baalam aayi baharein

Baith ke tanhai main karlain, sukh dukh ki do batein…
Chandni Raatein….

- Chandni Raatein (Partners in Rhyme) - There was this compilation album released while i was in school - "Solid Hits". It had some of the best indipop numbers i can remember. This song somehow, stood out. I liked the music video too.

Iss se pehle ke humpe hansti raat

Bann ke naagin jo humko dasti raat

Leke apna bharam ...chale aaye

Tuu naa aaya toh hum..chale aaye... 

 - Tere dar par sanam (Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi) - I first heard this song as a kid, on some music show on the cable. I remember this movie premiered on Zee Cinema. I also remember watching Pooja Bhatt looking her best and Rahul Long locks Roy mouthing dialogues stonily in this movie. While i grew up, i was writing this as my favourite song on every slam book i got to sign. The true depth/meaning came a lot later and the likelihood increased. Again, what lyrics !! One of the last works of Late Kaifi Aazmi. Pure genius.

Yaad Aatee Rahee, Dil Dukhaatee Rahee

Apane Man Ko Manaanaa, Naa Aayaa Hume

Too Naa Aaye To Kyaa, Bhool Jaaye To Kyaa

Pyaar Kar Ke Bhoolaana Naa Aayaa Hume

 - Ramaiya Vastavaiya (Shri 420) - I can still visualise Nargis's expressions, mouthing these lines. Such simplicity and grace has been unparalleled. When she says "Maine dil tujhko diya.." i get goosebumps..everytime.


  1. Nice! Indeed, these songs are one of those few which I have grown up listening! Soumya, thanks for pinging in the memories... Songs - a great topic chosen for a blog! Write more.... Await!

  2. Thanks Indrani..There were so many of them..just chose a few heartfelt ones !! Glad you liked it.