Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have noticed a trend. Important Landmark events or dates always coax Bloggers to write. Results as i have seen could be fab and quite the opposite.
So i never stuck to Father's day, Momma's day, Valentine's day (that's a separate story eh fellas !!), Canine day or Independence day for that matter !!
Independence caught my fancy this time around. Maybe the influence of social networking had a role to play. The randomness with which people were wishing independence, was a little unnerving. It was nice to see people valuing independence but slowly when they tried going into pseudo half introspection half sarcastic mode, the comments generated were amusing to say the least if i could refrain from dirt.

"Inflation, child labour, shit, crap etc etc on the rise % x goes to % y, Govt is going to the dogs, ARE WE ACTUALLY FREE??"
"Iss se achche toh hum Ghulam the"
"Rant rant rant rant rant......100 mein se 80 beimaan, fir bhi mera Bharat Mahaan (80% corruption, yet India is great), Happy Independence Day."

No, what's your point exactly here? Things are fucked up ?? Right ?? And what are you doing to change anything over here ???

You say, slavery was better ? Did even your friggin Dad experience a life under British Rule ? Things were more organised then, eh, classy ?? Says who ??? Did you see it for real ? Did you get flogged ? Did you like it ? Bondage fun huh ?? Marvellous !!!

I tried imagining a life of slavery in current situations. In one word....Scary !! I value my freedom and all that the country bestows upon me. I do not take pride in being patriotic, i rather am happy being a responsible citizen, that being the least i can contribute to the growth of the country / economy etc etc. Yes i am selfish, as an individual in the social hierarchy. I cannot sacrifice my life in the pursuit of more glory for my country, the civil affairs etc etc the works. I lose the right to criticise those who do, there itself. I may question or raise propaganda to collectively shake the foundations of wrong doings such as the Common Wealth Games, but thats it. My government has given me the power to choose and not-choose, and i do not consider myself too small to make a difference. What if a thousand others thought just like me by coincidence and abstained or engaged from doing the right thing. Aren't we creating a difference there ?

I consciously look to vote. I have contributed occasionally to a specific NGO and am trying to be more regular at that. I haven't engaged in mal-practice or exercising social influence. I hope I do not consider these as "Virtues", rather try bettering them at each given chance.

I am a free Indian. I love my country.

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  1. I couldnt agree with you more. This August 15th, I woke up and sw this status update by a juvenile jack ass "bleh blah bloh.....where is the independence??"

    Wtf! I was so irritated, I could not help putting up a post to vent out. I mean, why is this attitude? Do ppl not know what is the meaning of independence? Living in a democracy? Being free?

    If you have done nothing to do anything to contribute towards the goodwill of your nation and you fellow civilians, then you should really shut the eff up.

    More people should read this post. You're spot on at what I wanted my post to convey.